HOT TREND: Resin Rings For This Summer!

Don’t miss out on this new jewelry trend of the summer season! Resin rings are among becoming very popular. These rings are made of resin and are typically filled with flowers and leafs, given them a very earthy appearance. This kind of accessory may be most appealing for those with a boho style, or those are passionate about the nature and the environment.

One great benefit of these is that they are made 100% natural materials that are not damaging to the environment. The material typically very durable and very rarely get scratch or damaged, since resin is such a hard material.  Furthermore they are hypoallergenic, which is great for those struggle with an allergy to metal-made rings, which is a very common issue.

The rings are created using many different colors, size and materials, which makes them very special. Since many retail stores typically do not sell these yet, many online stores have been quick to get a hold of this new trend.

In addition, many jewelry makers have delved into this new medium of creation. The creation of these rings lends itself to artists, who can create quite fascinating pieces.

Many Styles to Choose From!

You notice, resin rings come in many different fashion styles. For example, some the rings have resin that is completely transparent, allowing for better view its content. While others, are have more smokey appearance, allowing for a fascinating effect.

Another really cool thing about these rings is they look really good paired with wooden material. This only accents and amplifies the earthy-look of the accessory. Typically, resin-made rings are very colorful, so you may want to buy a set of different rings. This will help you when you’re trying to match your outfits with jewelry.

Another added benefit of these kind of rings is that they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The natural make of these rings allows them to be worn on excessive hot summer days.

However, these rings can be quite costly the people of the UK should not worry. There are many different options online, which are quite affordable and give the same allure. You can find many independent companies creating these at home from scratch.

Hot Tip: wear a resin ring along with other rings made of metals. This will give a more interesting and edgy style.

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So, will you join the latest trend and add a resin ring to your jewelry box this summer? Or will you skip this one? Let us know what you think!