Top 3 Perfumes This Summer!

Who doesn’t love fragrances? And what more better way to feel fragrant than using perfumes? There are a lot of perfumes on the market today. With the new arrivals of pop stars, actors and actresses rushing to design their own lines of scents, some of the most successful perfumes have lasted for decades. Three of the most well known and well respected scents for women that are still going strong today are Marc Jacob Daisy, Calvin Klein Obsession for Women, and Versace Bright Crystal. Each has its own unique scent, and each is perfect for its own special occasions.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy has a floral and earthy scent that is subtle, fresh and feminine. The note of flowers and woods are innocent and appealing. This enchanting scent gives off an air of an enchantress, enticing all those who smell it. It has survived the decades by appealing to the classy and chic woman with a seductive and sophisticated scent that lasts for hours. This perfume is most often smelled at elegant evening affairs such as weddings, dinners, dancing, or cruises. Many women wear this scent at work in fashion, high end restaurants or anywhere else that money and grace are expected. For the price of the bottle, you can expect to bedazzle those who accompany you through your evening.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women

Calvin Klein Obsession for Women is a perfume that smells strongly of oriental spices. The scents of orange, vanilla, peach, basil, lemon, sandalwood, jasmine, amber and incense mix very well to give a mature yet sexy smell. This scent appeals to women who are comfortable with their feminine yet strong allure. While this perfume is strong with the initial application, as the scent softens over time, the base scents overwhelm the floral notes and becomes musky and sensual rather than floral and spicy. The allure of this exotic perfume is great for lascivious evenings such as dancing the night away with sexy yet graceful latin moves, or taking a step out at the night club.

Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal is fruity, floral and woodsy, giving it a daringly soft feminine scent. The mixture of pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus, amber and redwoods blends for a sweet, delicate odour. As the top scents of fruits and flowers fade, the base scents of redwoods and amber takes over. This layering effect of different stylus appeals to women who plan for a varied evening. This scent appeals to women of all ages with its fresh innocence layered with mature sophistication and sensuality, and is perfect for more simple evenings out, such as a night club, dinners, going out to the movies or even a simple stroll through the cityscape’s night life.

While every scent has its own signature appeal, these three remain timeless, suited to women of elegance, class, grace and style. Perfumes such as these are great mood enhancers, and are seductive to romantic interests. They have survived decades due to the designers’ understandings of women and their desires.

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