My Infiniti Pro by Conair Review – Is It Cobla Approved?

Big Bouncy curls always make you look gorgeous and elegant. Do you want to find out the easiest way to create most beautiful curls? Infiniti Pro Conair hot rollers are one of the best hot rollers in the current marketplace which take your hairstyling experience to a whole next level. It comes with a set of twenty rollers that heats up pretty quickly and works efficiently. Each roller is flocked with ceramic to prevent your hair from the damage of heat. No matter what type of hair you have, oily, dry or rough hair, it waves your hair just like a magic and makes it look wonderful. If you want to know more about this product, Here is the detailed review of Infiniti Pro Heat rollers:

The Overview of These Hot Rollers

-Designed with a set of twenty flocked ceramic rollers. Each roller heats up within two minutes.
-Comes with Argan oil fusion to condition the hair and prevent split ends due to heat.
-Designed with three different roller sizes where large one sizes 1-1/4 inch, medium one measures 1inch and smaller one measures 3/4 inch to suit all types of hair.
-The heating system has 12 different heat settings for the convenience of the user

The Highlights

Infiniti heat roller is designed especially built with multiple features that create big and springy hair curls in no time. Here are the advantages of this hot roller:

Twelve temperature settings: One of the biggest highlights of Infiniti Pro, which in my opinion makes them the best hot rollers for thick hair. The twelve hair settings allow the user to choose the suitable range of heat depending on the hair type. For example, if you have a thin and straight hair, you can use low heat settings to get wavy curls. If you have thick and rough hair (like me), use higher heat setting to curl it up quickly. You can change the heat settings easily and the rollers get hot within two minutes. The heat automatically shuts off after one hour of setting.

Anti-frizzy technology: It is a matter of fact that using heat treatments damages the hair causing split ends, dry hair, frizzy look, and hair loss. The set includes Argan oil fusion to protect the hair from damages and condition the curls for a shiny look. It means you will end up with most beautiful, bouncy and healthy curls.

Flocked with Ceramic: The rollers are flocked with Ceramic to protect the hair from heat. Ceramic material is a nonmetallic carbide material which is used in the making on electronic goods to withstand high temperatures up to 1600 C. It protects your hair from friction, tension, and irritation. It only transfers sufficient amount of heat to curl up the hair. It makes this roller user-friendly and works smoothly on your delicate hair.

Different sizes of rollers: Our favorite feature in this Infiniti Pro is it has three different sizes of rollers that match all kinds of hair. The large, medium and small rollers can make the curls based on your hair texture and type. The quality of the rollers is amazing and styles your hair within a short amount of time. Each roller is designed with clips to hold the hair in one place.

Safer, quicker and efficient: Most of the ladies burn their fingers while curling the hair. As the roller is designed with good design, you don’t have to worry about your fingers. Also, you do not have to plan the curling process two days prior as the roller heats up within two minutes. The ceramic flocking holds the temperature for a longer time and helps you to design amazing curls.

Is this product Cobla Approved?

Infiniti Pro hot roller can be your best hair stylist and handles your hair in the most magnificent way. It is easy to use, well designed, has good durability, versatile, and gives you delightful curls. It also takes good care of your hair healthy and protects it from damages. All the features aim to transform your hair in your desired way within a short time. Do not waste your time spending hours of time in beauty clinics to get perfect curls. Just take this hot roller to your home and see how it works right now!

Therefore, this product is definitely COBLA APPROVED!!