Why you should fence your pool

Pool drownings are an important issue in California. On average 34 children between the age of 0 to 5 die from drowning in a pool in the state of California.

In light of these statistics, it is important that residents block access to their pools a most drownings occur when no one is watching. California has however, put out laws in that forces residents to fence their pools. However this dose not help the issue if the children have free access to the pool.

According to Sylvain, a contractor of the fence company Clotures66 from Laval, “people also choose to fence off the surrounding of their pool in order to prevent access to their children when they are not watching.” This would show to be more effective than the traditional backyard fence.

In most of cases of children drowning, the events when the parents are not there to watch their children. Since children can’t always be watched by parents, it then becomes really important to put a fence up.
Some people will argue that fencing the pool is not aesthetically pleasing and to that affect Sylvain suggests ornamental fencing, which can in fact be quite beautiful and artistic. He does remind however, that the point of fencing a pool is primarily to keep children safe. He says, “many parents decide to remove the fence once their children are old enough to understand the dangers of drowning.”

Furthermore, drownings can still occur even when a pool is fenced. That is why California lawmakers are encouraging parents to teach their children how to swim from an early age. That way, if the children fall into the pool, the risk of drowning won’t be as high.

If the necessary precautions are taken, parents should not be afraid of letting their children swim. In fact, one could argue that some of their best childhood memories were made at the pool.

Yearly number of deaths by drowning of 0 to 5 year old children in California:

Year Drowning Pool and other Drowning Total
2014 33 52
2013 39 60
2012 27 44
2011 30 58
2010 40 54
Average 34 54


Sylvain Mongeau, Info Clôture Montreal, interviewed on May 31st, 2017.

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